Sunday, 10 April 2011

Unlined Linen Dinner Jacket, Linen Dress Shirt, Black Glass Heart Cufflinks, 2010


  1. dinner jackets make men more elegant it use in formal occasion like debut,party and many more. I enjoy reading your blog,keep up the good work.

  2. Yes Maria, I agree!
    And this is my, perhaps unique, response to the traditional Dinner Suit: 100% Linen with a treated surface to make it a little shiny. The Silk Ottoman Facing is lightweight and the Jacket is barely lined to keep it 'airy', but I still tried to maintained my usual attempt to keep the cutting as sculptural and edgy as possible... Flipped up shoulder ends, extra fullness in the sleeve-head yet narrow sleeves and tiny armhole, and body cut as close as possible and party strength lapels! I love the inevitable creases that comes with wearing Linen, timeless elegance with a true Rock & Roll heart!
    Thanks for your kind words, dtx

  3. Hey mate

    did you get linen pants made with this suit? im keen to get a linen dinner suit made and unsure how the pants would work... i would like them to be fairly fitted but not sure that works with linen? Would love to get your thoughts

  4. Hi There,
    Yes, I made very close fitted pair of trousers out of the same linen as the jacket. They look and feel great in my opinion, go for it, it'll look cool!
    You could also consider Linen mixed with other fibres such as mohair or silk, if you are concerned about over creasing of Linen alone.