Sunday, 9 September 2012

Monochrome Layers: SB Top Stitched Suit (Cloth: Vintage H. Lesser's 13oz Golden Bale) w/. Antique Silver Buttons & Accessories, 2006


  1. Thank you for sharing you work.

  2. Thanks All,
    Trust me, I had to do a lot of seam top-stitching on this one... late nights!
    I might mention too that the silk tie and Mother-of-Pearl/Onyx tie tack are second-hand. I found both off Brick Lane (the shop is now, alas, defunct) for a £1 each.
    The shirt, to my own design from cloth I bought in Soho, is made for me by the Great John Brian.

  3. Hi There,
    What are those silver loops on the jacket lapel?
    Lovely shirt collar and the jacket shoulder cut and detail looks just right.
    Hope all's well and busy with you, JP.

  4. Hi JP,
    Yeah, I'm well thanks, hope all's good with you too...
    Those silver loops are my old earrings from back-in-the-day, when as a kid I used to go to Kensington Mkt, Portobello Rd. and Camden. I recently did something like this for a G&H customer, would love to post this soon, if he's cool with it.