Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Press: The Tweed Pig, 2013

"TWEED PIG PIN-UP", 14th. Jan. 2013


  1. Hi, I just came across your blog and as a Menswear design student myself, i found it incredibly inspiring! I am curious to know, whether you had an instinctual feeling towards tailoring and/or what experience helped you to reach a truly comfortable stage?

  2. Hi Victoria,
    Tricky questions to answer really, you have just reminded me that I might need to find a good Shrink!
    I can't say that I had an instinctual feeling towards tailoring as such. But I did know that I wanted to pursue a career that was in some parts practical as much as creative. I did have some other ideas, but the moment I stepped in the workshop at Kashket's back when, I just kind of knew that for better or for worse, this one was for me.
    Thanks for your comment!
    Kind regards,