Sunday, 15 September 2013

Bespoke Leather Bomber Jacket, in Cognac Lamb-Nappa: Final Pictures, 2013

Thanks to Khalil Musa for the photography


  1. Hands down, one of the best leather jackets ever, fitting and style wise.

  2. Beautiful, I'm already Davide's client and I've pre-ordered my jacket for January 2014!

    I can't wait to have it...

    1. Hi, yes, really excited about the leather biker jacket we are gonna make next year. Also, thanks for all the kind things you said about the Japanese denim jeans we made this year! Wish you well, dtx

  3. I very much like all your work and the way you work, however I do not think this leather jacket suits the bespeaker very well. The front seems much too tight, seems too long and shiny and some details seem to be missing, there is just too much open space for such a tight "sausage". Sorry, cannot explain it better.

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