Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Women's Tailoring: 2 Flannel Suits for Bespoke Customer, No.1 Savile Row, 2014


  1. Would you please expalin how you achieved this shape of the shoulder? Thank you!

    1. I saw this online:

      /A fan.

    2. Hi, sorry for late response, but in short... it involves cutting the shoulder in a way so that a bespoke pad can be inserted into the end only and allow the tailoring to sculpt the shape with the help of cuts in the canvas and manipulation of the cloth. Hope that helps a little!
      Thanks for the interest, Davide

  2. It looks very beautiful, if you like to bespoke suit then you are winner in fashion age. Past 5 years custom tailoring trends is growing speedy, even we can not to tell about that. Even more of women are considering to the bespoke suits

  3. Hello Davide.
    I've been fascinated by these sleeves for quite some time now. What kind of sleeve head is used (what and how much canvas and/or felt) and what weight is the cloth?