Saturday, 7 January 2012

Ladies Black Covert 'Curved-Seam' Jacket (1st Fitting), 2012


  1. The fit is unbelievable for a first fitting!

  2. Ha! That's exactly why I posted it!
    Joking apart though, I am indebted to Edward Sexton for showing me how to correctly relate, when drafting, accurate measurements to the pattern and to take the first fitting seriously. This helps you instil confidence with the customer, stay in control of every stage of the suit's progression till completion and enables you to discern between tailoring or cutting problems.
    It also helped enormously that this fitting was so expertly and conscientiously basted by 'the wearer'!

  3. I just love it when first fitting is already that good. Sadly, it doesn't happen to me as often as I'd like... But yes, first fitting should be taken seriously.

    One question : do you always cut your sleeve for first fitting ? I like to cut my sleeves according to the fitted armhole, which means I almost never cut them before second fitting. What is the advantage for you to have the sleeves already cut ?


  4. Dear Paul,
    My tailoring is mostly traditional in it's approach and not quite as 'experimental' as it might at first appear. So I never feel that the sleeve can go too far wrong and can't be salvaged if indeed it needs a dramatic re-cut!
    Besides, it looks cooler for the customer to see their suit for the first time in a form that they would recognise as close to the finished article. It makes 'em think you know what you are doing, rather than to be timidly fiddling around... So "Who Dares Wins", as we say...!