Thursday, 19 January 2012

Quilted Zip-Fronted Bib: Detachable w/. Stand Collar & Skeleton Back, 2012


  1. nice blog, do you know anything about db's showing only two buttons?

  2. Ah funny that! I had a client come to me wanting something similar but it was more inspired from the 18th c with a fallon the stand, unfortunately the stuff he chose was 20oz thorn proof and I felt the seams too much for a fall and instead opted for just the high stand. It's a great idea to dig up from the past for winter wear.

  3. Dear J,

    I'm sure what you made for your customer must have been quite striking! I do think a stand collar is more than enough for the bib since it is going under another coat that will have a lapel to flip up too if necessary. It's just an extra (non-permanent) protection, for the chest and neck, against the wind etc.

    I take much inspiration from the past. But I believe it is crucial not to be controlled by it, otherwise what we do can easily be described as pastiche or irrelevant.

    Thanks for the comment,


  4. Cheers Davide, it did turn out well.

    My client for this particular wc is quite eccentric in his experimentation and it is a nice break from the more mundane cuts. Luckily i decided, since moving to the states, to take some chances and now working with someone who wants to do functional urbanesque country wear. This allows me to work in tweeds (which i love) as well as really take the english country style (with historical elements) up another notch. So we will see how it goes. A mentor of mine, another (SR trained) Scots tailor, has seen my ideas and has been quite supportive. Any rate, I look forward to seeing more of your work, it is fresh and exciting and as i am still young as well (35) it makes me want to push my trade as well.