Monday, 28 October 2013

Dark Grey Herringbone w/. Rust-Red & Burnt-Orange Check Tweed, 3-Piece Double Breasted Suit, 2013


  1. Fantastic suit Davide!
    Question though.
    Why do you not shape the fabric of the facing so that the stripes run parallel to the edge of the lapel?
    Is the tweed too tough to manipulate to get a good result? Or is it just a question of taste?

  2. Thanks for your comment.

    How far down would you have expected the stripe to run parallel to the edge of the lapel? If it had gone any further, the stripe would start to curve and that would not look attractive. And not to mention, you would be pushing too much fullness along the break-line, surely?

    Tweed is perhaps the most malleable of cloths, because of its comparatively loose weave construction, it would certainly not restrict any tailoring...



    1. Hello Davide, thanks for you answer.
      Perhaps I'm too inspired by this post:
      And yes, when I try to do it, there is an awful lot of fulness along the break-line to handle. It drove my nuts on one occasion but I do like the result. I guess it is a matter of choice (and in my case mental stamina).
      Anyway, the pictures of your work are a great inspiration. Thanks for sharing them!

  3. A highly stylized coat and one that I like a lot. The pattern is fantastic! The shape of the coat is unique and, I say, highly desirable.
    Keep up your fantastic work and vision.

  4. Thanks,
    It is unlikely to be worn as a 3-piece suit very often. But I think the fact that this suit can easily be broken up and mixed with other jackets and trousers makes it very versatile; stylish but functional... for NYC or Wiltshire.
    (Not LA, I'm guessing!)

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    Thank you

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