Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Ladies DB Cashmere Long Coat, Winter 2010


  1. whats the price of the coat and how to order ..plz furnish details if possible

    1. Thank you very much for your enquiry.

      To order a bespoke ladies wintercoat, please e-mail me through this blog or directly at of Savile Row, where I am Senior Cutter.

      You would need to see me personally, so that we can choose cloth, consider the style details and for me to take your measurements. I will then make your unique pattern and need two or three fittings before completion. Your garment is completely handmade in our House Workshop.

      It is difficult to give you a price, as such, it broadly depends on the design and the quality of cloth chosen. But as a rough guide:
      100% Wool would start from about £3900
      Wool/Cashmere mixes can be in the region of £4450
      100% Cashmere from £6050

      Like I said, this is just a guide, as there are many options available. So please contact me directly and I will gladly give you more details on my bespoke tailoring.