Thursday, 3 March 2011

Military Style 'Winter-Warm' Great Coat, 2010


  1. Beautiful coat. I presume this is not available for purchase.

  2. Thank-you, but not this particular one! All you see on my blog is posted to inspire you to order something bespoke...
    As beautiful a coat as this is, when making for customers, I could never completely replicate a design because the functionality of the garment (how it fits an individual's body shape, style, choice of cloth, environment it is worn etc.etc.) takes priority over conceptual sketches. This ensures that the end result is unique and personal to the owner.

  3. You are a great tailor. What an astounding work of well honed craft. Frank Shattuck.

  4. Sorry, were can I bought this greatcoat?)

    1. Dear Anar,
      Sorry for the late reply. Thank you for your interest in this garment. It is available as bespoke, from Gieves & Hawkes Tailors, No. 1 Savile Row. This is where I work as cutter, please contact me there if you'd like further details.
      Thanks again and best regards,

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